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Agilent 8350B
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The totally programmable features and internal memory of the 8350B Sweep Oscillator Mainframe can speed up your repetitious testing needs. A push of a button returns the unit to local control for bench work. Sweep frequency range is determined by the plug-in used. 5 frequency markers are independently adjustable and calibrated. Sweep time is continuously adjustable from 10 ms to 100 seconds. The 8350B provides internal modulation or can be externally modulated. CW single frequencies are also available in sweep modes. Accepts 83500 Series plug-ins and 86200 Series plug-ins via 11896A adapter.

400 - 400 Hz Power Line Frequency Operation
803 - HP 5343A Interface Cables
850 - HP 8410C Source Countrol Cables
908 - Rack Mount Kit
910 - Extra Manual
913 - Rack Flange Kit for Instruments with Front Handles

  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 8350B