Attenuators misc Coaxial Hardware : Agilent-Keysight 83525A-002-004


Agilent 83525A-002-004
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b>Agilent/HP 83525A RF Sweep Generator Plug-in for 8350A/B mainframe, .01 to 8.4GHz

The HP 83525A/B cover the frequency range of 10 MHz to 8.4GHz with excellent frequency stability, accuracy, and output power. The HP 83525A/B maintains excellent frequency parameters and accuracies within +/-12 MHz.

The HP 83525A plug-in, with extremely broad frequency range, does not sacrifice power. This plug-in provides at least +13dBm of output power while being internally leveled to a flatness of +/-1dB.

The HP 83525B plug-in provides the same outstanding specifications as the HP 83525A plus 45dBc harmonics for maximum dynamic range in RF component and system measurements.

The following options are available:

Option 002 = Programmable 70 dB Step Attenuator (10 dB steps)
Option 004 = Rear Panel RF Output
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 83525A-002-004