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Instek GUT-7700
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Handheld Linear IC Tester

The GUT-7700 is a small, lightweight, and portable Linear IC tester that also provides Empty-load and Auto power off function. Including features such as easy operation, power saving, and 0.8 second search time on average, the GUT-7700 is the best solution to Linear IC testing.

> Easy-operating,Designed for Linear IC (OP, Comparator, Opto-Coupler, Regulator, Special Function Device, Transistor Array)
> Small, Portable, Light and Power-Saving, Battery Operation
> Average Search Time : 0.8 Second
> Display: 16 Characters in 1 Line
> Test Pin: 14 ~ 24
> Test Voltage: +/- 5V
> Empty-Load and Auto Power Off
  • 制造商: Instek
  • 模型: GUT-7700