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Instek GDS-830
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100MHz; 2 Channel 100MSa/s Digital Storge Oscilloscope

  • 100 MHz Bandwidth and 100MSa/s Sampling Rate (each channel) Equivilent Time Sampling: 25GSa/s
  • 125k words per channel long record length
  • 14 Auto Measurement Functions to get quick and accurate results
  • A Wide Range of Triggers, include TV Trigger, Event Delay Trigger and Time Delay Trigger
  • Auto-Setting for Quick Setup and Waveform Acquisition
  • Time Base : 2nS / DIV ~ 5S / DIV ; Vertical : 2mV / DIV ~ 5V / DIV
  • Four Acquisition Mode : Sample, Peak Detect, Average, Accumulate
  • Cursor and 14 Continuously Update, Automatic Measurement : Vhi, Vlo, Vmax, Vmin, Vpp, Vaverage, Vrms, Rise Time, Fall Time, Duty Cycle, Frequency, Period, Positive Width, Negative Width
  • 15 sets Memory for Front Panel Setting Save & Recall
  • 2 sets Memory for Waveform Trace Save & Recall
  • RS-232, Parallel Printer Port and VGA Output are included as standard
  • GPIB Interface optional

    • 制造商: Instek
    • 模型: GDS-830