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Instek GUT-6000A
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Bench-Top Digital IC Tester

The GUT-6000A is a desktop digital IC tester. Oriented toward automating testing tasks, the GUT-6000A contains high-end features such as auto-search and loop testing. Automated processes provide an intelligent and continuous process for detecting defective ICs. Self-diagnosis functions and over-load protection mechanisms make the GUT-6000A close to maintenance-free, releasing users from unnecessary hassles. The wide device coverage includes the 1800 series as well as the ubiquitous TTL and CMOS, providing a one-size fits-all solution for an IC testing bench area.

> Loop Test
> Auto-Search
> Seif-Diagnosis
> Over-Load Protection
> Measures 1800 Kinds of Device
> 54/74 Series TTL
> 4000 and 4500 Series CMOS
> Test Socket: 28 Pin
  • 制造商: Instek
  • 模型: GUT-6000A