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Rohde Schwarz UPL16
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Audio Analyzer R&S UPL16 provides all the necessary audio signals and performs acoustical measurements. Digital Radiocommunication Tester R&S CMD or R&S CMU is used to establish the call. For some test cases the speech codec is also used.

Audio Analyzer R&S UPL16 has the same superior analysis concept as all members of the R&S UPL family. The instrument is able to handle both analog and digital processing. It carries out practically all types of measurement in the audio range from frequency response measurements to distortion measurements, FFT analysis, etc.

All the details about test functions and concept of operation can be found in the data sheet of the Audio Analyzer R&S UPL. The R&S UPL16 is especially designed for acoustical tests on GSM mobiles. It is equipped with the digital audio interface (DAI) as defined in GSM phase 2 recommendation 11.10, section 36.4. Thanks to this interface the R&S UPL16 can act as a system simulator or simulate a mobile.

To drive an artificial head directly without additional amplifiers, the generator output of the R&S UPL16 is matched to the impedance of the artificial mouth by a built-in transformer on the rear panel of the R&S UPL16. GSM 11.10, section 30 defines 15 speech teleservices tests for GSM mobiles, generally referred to in this document as acoustical test cases. All these measurements are supported by the software package delivered with the instrument.

UPL-B1 = Low Distortion Generator
UPL-B2 = Digital Audio I/O
UPL-B4 = Remote Control
UPL-B5 = Audio Monitor
UPL-B6 = Extended Analyzer Functions
UPL-B8 = Mobile Phone Test Set
UPL-B10 = Universal Sequence Controller
UPL-B21 = Digital Audio Protocol
UPL-B22 = Jitter and Interface Test
UPL-B29 = Digital Audio 96 kHz
UPL-B33 = Line measurement to ITU-T33
  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: UPL16