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Tektronix TFP2A-14-16 FiberMaster OTDR
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Unlike any other OTDR on the market, the FiberMaster® TFP2A sets a high level of performance and flexibility, providing faster, easier, more efficient solutions to fiber optic network testing requirements.

FiberMaster is equipped to accommodate two dual-wavelength optical plug-in modules at the same time. Fully utilized, this allows testing of virtually any communications network (Telephone, LAN, WAN, CATV) without exchanging modules.

The FiberMaster TFP2A is driven by a high-speed 32-Bit processor that delivers clear, concise, accurate waveforms in a fraction of the averaging time taken by other OTDR systems.

Off-line waveform analysis and documentation is made easy with the FMTAPTM Trace Analysis Software.

  • 制造商: Tektronix
  • 模型: TFP2A-14-16