General Testers : Wandel Goltermann ANT-20 SYSTEM OC48


Wandel Goltermann ANT-20 SYSTEM OC48
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JDSU/Acterna/W&G ANT20 Advanced Broadband Tester

With technologies developing rapidly the Acterna / WWG ANT20 advanced network tester is designed to meet customers future needs. This flexible platform enables customers to adapt to technological change and can accommodate the DSn, SONET, SDH and/or ATM requirements, as well asnewstandards, higher bit rates and the intelligent system components of the future. The ANT-20 is suitable for a number of applications including development labs, conformance and functional tests in production, installation and acceptance and can help pinpoint potential problemswithin in-service networks. The highly flexible measurement capabilities of the ANT-20 make it possible to investigate allmajor quality parameters on diverse interfaces, ranging from simple bit error rate tests (BERT) to performance and pointer analysis, covering even complex synchronization problems. The ANT-20 offers a customizable test solution that can be tailored to specific individual needs.The ANT-20SE has three extra expansion slots.
  • 制造商: Wandel Goltermann
  • 模型: ANT-20 SYSTEM OC48