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Wiltron 562
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Scalar Measurements
The Willron 562 Scalar Network
Analyzer wrnb~nedw ith a Wiltron
sweeper or synthesizer forms a powerful
swept frequency measurement
system for both production and design
applications. Measure insertion loss.
insertion gain, or RF power with 76 dB
dynamic range over the 10 MHz to
40 GHz frequency rang-the widest
frequency range available in coax.
Measure device match as return loss in
dB or as SWR. Separate detectors can
be used on all four inputs for multiple
transmission measurements on
duplexers or matched amplttiers. Direct
detection allows simultaneous RF
power measurement at d~fferenftr equencies,
for example, at the RF, IF, and LO
frequencies of mixers and converters.
Wiltmn offers a complete Rm of
precision accessories including detectors
and directional bridges to support
your measurement requirements.
  • 制造商: Wiltron
  • 模型: 562