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Rohde Schwarz UP350
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Audio Analyzer 10 Hz to 80 kHz Analog Interfaces

The R&S UP300 and R&S UP350 are favorably priced audio analyzers with a frequency range up to 80 kHz that can handle any of today's common applications.

The instruments feature a broad scope of functions, good technical characteristics and compact design. The R&S UP300 includes all conventional audio engineering measurements and generates the required test signals. Its analog inputs and outputs are dual-channel in design.

The R&S UP350 goes one step further by providing digital audio interfaces and the capability to measure the digital audio protocol and digital sampling rate.

These two audio analyzers offer an immense range of applications - whether on the lab bench, in service or as a flexible measuring instrument in automatic production systems.

  • High signal quality

  • High-end measurement characteristics

  • Dual-channel signal generation and measurement

  • R&S UP 300 for analog interfaces

  • R&S UP 350 for analog and digital interfaces

  • Remote control via USB interface

Ordering information:

UP300 - Audio Analyzer (analog interfaces) P/N 1147.2494.03
UP350 - Audio Analyzer (analog and digital interfaces) P/N 1147.2507.03
ZZA-300 - Rack Adapter P/N 1147.1281.00
ZZK-300 - Carrying Case P/N 1147.2542.02
  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: UP350