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Fluke 5450A
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The Fluke 5450A Resistance Calibrator is designed to facilitate manual or automated calibration of resistance measuring circuitry of high quality digital multimeters. The 5450A provides cardinal point resistances in the range of 1 ohm to 100 M ohm. Resistance may either be selected at decade points or at x1.9 points.

# 17 standard resistors in one enclosure
# Decade values from 1.0ohms to 100Mohms
# 1.9 multiples from 1.9ohms to 19Mohms
# True passive resistors for low noise and offset
# 4-wire or 2-wire operation
# GPIB IEEE-488 programmable
# Uncertainty, For Rated Current, 4-Wire Connections
  • 制造商: Fluke
  • 模型: 5450A