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Instek GPI-735A
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Instek GPI-735A

  • 200VA AC/DC Withstand Voltage Insulation Ground Bound Electrical Safety Tester

    The GPI-700A Series are universal Safety Testers, compliant to all major safety standards such as UL, CSA, JIS, and BS. The operation interface has been carefully designed making it user-friendly and fully automatic, ensuring safety and producing reliable test results. The advanced and versatile GPI-700A Series can be used in production lines, workshops, laboratories, and test sites. Users can select from 5 models according to their testing requirements - starting from the simple 705A for AC Withstanding, through middle range GPI-725A for AC Withstanding + Insulation Resistance, up to the most advanced GPI-745A for AC Withstanding + DC Withstanding + Insulation Resistance + Ground Bond. Each model has a remote control terminal and programming function delivering fast and reliable test results.


  • 200VA AC Test Capacity
  • AC/DC Withstanding Voltage Test & Insulation Resistance Test & Ground Bond Test
  • Arc Detection
  • Zero Crossing Turn-On Operation Switch
  • Controllable Ramp-Up Time
  • True RMS Cut-Off Current Measurement
  • Automatic FAIL Indicator of Alarm Lamp and Buzzer
  • 9 pins Remote Control for START, RESET, and Test Result Output
  • Scanner Box for Automatic Test (Option)
  • Interface : RS-232C(Standard), GPIB(Option)

    See Spec Sheet for Additional Information
    • 制造商: Instek
    • 模型: GPI-735A