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RDS Standard Signal Generator

The 3217 is a synthesized RDS Standard Signal Generator covering 100 kHz to 140 MHz with CW, FM, and AM modulated outputs. It boasts an internal FM stereo generator, as well as FM multiplex RDS (Radio Data System) and TRI (Traffic Radio Information) signal generators.
The model 3217 can be used for the receiving test of U.S. RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) receiver.


* The standard signal generator includes an RDS signal generator and a stereo signal generator, making it ideal for use in RDS receiver production line applications.
* RDS patterns accommodate the EON (Enhanced Other Network) function.
* TRI signal generation provided as standard. Signals conforming to two USA/EBU systems can be generated.
* Up to 512 groups of RDS signal data can be stored internally, and up to 16 patterns of a maximum data length of 255 groups for each pattern can also be stored internally.
* Output level can be set in the range - 20 to 126 dB(0 dB=1 V, 50, open circuit) in 0.1 dB steps.
* The frequency, output level, and modulation factor can be input using numeric keys, or rotary encoder and digit select keys.
* Up to 100 sets of frequency, output level, and modulation factor can be stored as presets in internal memory.
* All front-panel switches except the power switch can be remotely controlled.
* The GPIB interface (conforming to IEEE 488.2) is provided as standard, enabling direct use of the 3217 in GPIB-based automated measurement systems.
* RDS Data Editing Software (Option) is provided.
FS 3015 Version 2 (Application software for Windows 2000/XP)
o The creation and changing of RDS message is easy with most Windows application software.
o RDS automatic messaging generation provides easy introduction of the test systems to the manufacturing / testing facility.
o The adoption of the USBGPIB converter (indispensable option with additional payment) is available for immediate use on Windows 2000/XP operating system (PC with the USB terminal is necessary.) regardless of the make of the desktop or notebook. (No GPIB driver Installation required.)
o Remote setting to 3217 from FS 3015 is available.

  • 制造商: Leader
  • 模型: 3217