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Leader LG3802-70-72
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ISDB-T Signal Generator with HDD & Fading Options

The LG 3802 ISDB-T Signal Generator with the OFDM capability conforms to Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting-Terrestrial (ISDB-T) standards for digital terrestrial TV system in Japan. This instrument features a channel coding/modulation, C/N generator, and up converter in a single package.

Consequently, the modulated signal covering VHF and UHF channels can be output. Since a pseudo random signal source (PN) and BER counter are provided, the BER measurement of a TV set and tuner can be performed with this model only. In addition to the internal TS signal, the MPEG2-TS can be externally applied. Therefore, the receiver can be checked visually and acoustically by using the existing TS. With such versatile capabilities, overall functions of the reception system can be tested.
  • 制造商: Leader
  • 模型: LG3802-70-72