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Fluke FLK-TIR2-FT-20
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The new Fluke TiR2, TiR3 and TiR4 thermal imagers are for professionals
demanding the best solutions in building diagnostics applications. The Fluke TiR-Series
provides the industry s largest LCD to view on-camera images, augmented with the
innovative IR-Fusion technology to better pinpoint building problems. IR-Fusion
is the overlay of IR and visible images, allowing one to clearly identify
critical points within the thermal image.


The primary diagnostic procedure for determining the thermal performance of a
building envelope is infrared thermography. It can be used to identify
heating and cooling loss due to poor construction, missing or inadequate
insulation and moisture intrusion. Correcting the defects plays a
significant role in increasing building efficiency and structural integrity.

Thermography can identify surface temperature variations of the building
envelope, which relates to problems in the structure, thermal bridging, moisture
content and air leakage.

Common Building Diagnostics Applications Are:

  • Roofing Surveys
    • Detect wet insulation in flat-roof systems quickly and efficiently

  • Energy Audits
    • Perform infrared energy audits for residential and commercial

  • Moisture/Restoration
    • Accurately detect moisture issues located behind exterior and interior
      walls, in ceilings or under carpet covered floors

  • Mold Remediation
    • Control mold by finding unknown sources of moisture that would otherwise
      go undetected. Infrared scanning is the fastest most efficient way to
      provide 100% moisture detection coverage

  • 制造商: Fluke
  • 模型: FLK-TIR2-FT-20