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Instek LCR-821
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LCR Benchtop Meter

High accuracy and actual operation condition simulation
The LCR819 LCR Meter has a basic measurement accuracy of 0.05%. It is most useful in application areas that need both high stability and high accuracy test criteria. Frequency coverage from 12 Hz to 100 KHz (10 KHz for LCR817) provides versatile parameter-to-frequency measurements to the device under test. The variable test signal voltage from 5 mV to 1.275 V and the internal/external DC bias selection simulates the real operation condition of DUT.

LCD display and 100 sets of memory
With 240 X 128 high resolution LCD display to show both the test condition and the test result simultaneously, the keypads for menu programming, and the 100 sets of memory to store/recall setup state, the LCR819 combines all the user-friendly features into one product.

Test fixtures for various types of components
Optional fixtures are available for easy measurement of radial leaded, axial leaded, and surface-mounting devices. The LCR 819 provides you with a solution of accuracy and convenience. With this product, you are confident that component characteristics are shown just as what they really are in the actual operation environment.

Key Features:
  • Test Frequency: 12 Hz to 200 kHz, Continuously Variable
  • 0.05% Accuracy
  • 100 Sets Memory for Save/Recall of Setup State
  • R/Q, C/D, C/R, L/Q, Z/?, L/R Test Modes
  • Absolute Value, ? Value, and ?% Measurement Display
  • 240 x 128 dot Matrix LCD Display
  • Test Condition and Test Result shown on the Screen Simultaneously
  • RS-232C Interface (Includes LCR-Viewer Software)

    See Spec Sheet for Additional Information
    • 制造商: Instek
    • 模型: LCR-821