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POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3197 is a compact, easy-to-operate, and affordable power quality measurement instrument. It has streamlined the functions of POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3196, one of the power quality measurement instruments recognized as a standard worldwide. While the basic power anomaly measurement capabilities are retained, the smaller size and simpler measurement operations ensure that anyone can handle it easily. Also, in response to the recently growing interest in power management and energy saving measures, power measurement functions have been enhanced and display screen capabilities have been added for time series graphs of voltage, current and power, as well as energy consumption and demand graph displays. These features are ideally suited to the particular measurements required when a power anomaly occurs, and for applications involving power management and energy saving measures.

Primary Features

* Measure various power systems around the world
Three measurement channels support various voltage, current and power measurements of single-phase 2-wire, single-phase 3-wire, three-phase 3-wire and three-phase 4-wire circuits. With three-phase 4-wire lines, the neutral line current is determined by internal processing.
* Vector multi meter function to detect incorrect probe connections for power measurement
A probe connection diagram, detected phases (vector scope) and measured voltage and current values are displayed together on one screen. A correct vector diagram is also displayed when connecting test sensors to help users confirm that connections are made properly for correct measurement.
* Bypass complex settings using the QuickSet feature
The handy QuickSet feature makes the appropriate settings required for the probe connections and clamp sensor current to be used. Settings such as the threshold values to be used for capturing power anomalies are made automatically, so you can start measuring immediately.
* Automatic recording data compression function enables reliable, long-term measurements
Initially, recording occurs at one-second intervals, but as internal memory starts to fill up, the recording interval is automatically extended up to the maximum of one hour. With this method, both short- and long-term recordings can fit into available storage. This provides for the longest possible continuous measurement period of about 125 days.
* Compatible to a variety of clamp-on current sensors and current and power measurement methods
In addition to HIOKI AC clamp-on current sensors, various other current sensors can be connected for measuring leakage currents as small as several milliamperes, and load currents up to 5000 amperes.
* Simultaneous measurement of multiple power quality parameters for power anomaly analysis
To analyze power anomalies, measurement of multiple parameters may be necessary to determine precursors to an event and the occurrence of compound phenomena. Model 3197 supports such detailed analyses by simultaneously measuring and recording multiple power quality parameters.
Measurable parameters include: transient overvoltage (impulse), voltage swell, voltage dip, instantaneous interruption, frequency, voltage, voltage waveform peak, current, current waveform peak, effective power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, displacement power factor, voltage unbalance, harmonic voltage, harmonic current, harmonic power, fundamental voltage phase difference, fundamental current phase difference, voltage total harmonic distortion (THD-F), K factor, active power value, reactive power value, active power demand and reactive power demand
* Voltage anomaly precursors can be easily captured by a time series graph display of voltage effective value and fluctuation
Various power quality parameter fluctuations are recorded and displayed as a time series graph, with maximum, average and minimum values calculated for every interval for recording and display. RMS voltage is calculated according to IEC standards and appears in the time series graph showing voltage fluctuations and event detection of voltage swell, dip and interruption.
* Measure demand and energy consumption as required for power management and energy saving calculations
Demand-polarity-related parameters such as power consumption and generation, lag and lead and energy consumption can be measured and recorded. You can also confirm demand and energy consumption on the time series graph, allowing the easy viewing of shifts in power consumption right at the worksite.
* Analyze power faults with defined event detection function
When a specified threshold value is exceeded during measurement, the event is detected and recorded. Detected events can be analyzed according to the event number, detailed numerical value data and type of waveform anomaly. Events can be defined for voltage swell, dip (instantaneous drop), interruption, inrush current or transient overvoltage.
* Easily measure for inrush or starting currents that trip breakers
Monitor for motor starting current and breaker trip current over a thirty second window, and record then display the RMS current as a graph.
* Large internal memory and long backup battery
Measurement data is recorded in the 4 MB internal memory. It lithium backup battery lasts about ten years, so data is preserved even when power is turned off.
* Built-in 4.7-inch color LCD offers a crystal clear view of numerical values, waveforms and graphs
* Three selectable languages can be selected for the display screens and comprehensive operator help messages
more languages to be added in the future
* Select from five color configurations (corresponding to input connector colors)
for suiting the lines to be measured
* Built-in rechargeable battery pack provides up to six hours of continuous measurement
The rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter make for dual power supply method and are supplied as standard equipment. Battery operation provides six hours of stand-alone continuous measurement.
* Hand-held design convenient in catering to portability and ease-of-use
Designed to be held in one hand and weighing just 1.2 kg, the appearance is harmonized with a durable rubber grip for single-handed operation.
* USB 2.0 interface and bundled special-purpose analysis software program for easy data analysis on a PC
Remote instrument operation, data transfer and analysis can be conducted on a computer by connecting the supplied USB cable and using the bundled data download and analysis program.
* Advanced analysis using optional software application program (available soon)
The optional PQA HiVIEW PRO APPLICATION PROGRAM 9624-50 provide detailed analysis of measurement data recorded by this instrument as well as the more advanced POWER QUALITY ANALYZER 3196 in this series.

Target Applications

* Power delivery
businesses that supply and sell electricity (such as power generation companies): Maintenance and management of power supply quality, and cause analysis when power supply faults occur.
* Power system facilities
manufacturers of transformer equipment, electrical safety organizations, and electrical contractors: Evaluation and maintenance of power facilities, periodic maintenance and power quality fault analysis during system operation.
* Large electrical facilities
Power supply fault evaluation and analysis for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, vending machines, machine tools, OA equipment, UPS equipment, air conditioners and welders.
* Maintenance, inspection power management and energy saving at factories
All types of power supply quality maintenance and fault analysis, such as power line maintenance and management at factories, maintenance and management of production equipment, energy conservation for ESCO businesses, building maintenance, maintenance and management of treatment equipment at clinics and hospitals, maintenance and management of communications equipment.
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