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Hioki 3331
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Discontinued Power HiTester


As efficient use of energy for household and office equipment becomes more and more essential, the new 3332 POWER HiTESTER does the job by offering a wide range of power measurement from standby to normal usage. The 3331 POWER HiTESTER is capable of evaluating 3-phase devices, such as industrial air conditioners and refrigerators, or single-phase, large-scale devices. Both power testers deliver high accuracy of 0.2% (45 to 66Hz), direct input up to 50A, and a broad bandwidth from 1Hz (the 3331 from 10Hz) to 100kHz. System construction is made easy with these compact, lightweight and reasonably priced tools, which come equipped with an external interface as a standard feature. The 3331 and 3332 can be used as a measuring component for a wide range of purposes, from research and development to equipment evaluation.


* High basic accuracy of 0.2%
* Responsitivity that follows transient power fluctuations
* Simultaneous integration of current and power at a 6-digit high-resolution state
* Broadband feature compatible with frequency control devices
* 50A direct input
* Measuring the effective value of basic wave components only
* Current waveform peak measurement function
* Single-phase, 3-wire and three-phase, 3-wire type for measuring power of large-scale equipment
* The 3331 can be used to measure single-phase power for 2 devices
  • 制造商: Hioki
  • 模型: 3331