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HIOKI 3532-50
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LCR HiTester


With variable frequency measurements, the highly acclaimed 3522/3532 LCR HiTester has been improved with the power for maximum high speed measurements of 5 ms (4 times that of current models). This means that line tact times can be further shortened, promising you increased line efficiency. The 3522-50 offers DC and a range from 1 mHz to 100 kHz, and the 3532-50 covers the range from 42 Hz to 5 MHz. Test conditions can now come closer to a component's operating conditions. The high basic accuracy of 0.08%, combined with ease of use and low price give these impedance meters outstanding cost-performance characteristics. These will find a wide range of applications, whether for laboratory use for evaluation of operating characteristics, or for production line use, exploiting the full-function interface and comparator functions and rapid response.

Measurement data captured by a personal computer can be displayed graphically by using standard spreadsheet software. The example below uses the provision for continuously varying frequency to capture the frequency characteristics for a 1 MHz quartz oscillator measured with the 3532-50 into Excel, then presents the results graphically. The four-digit resolution for the frequency allows the characteristics of the steep resonance peak to be shown on the graph.


* Higher frequency range: 42 Hz to 5 MHz
* High resolution and high accuracy
* Minimum measurement time 5 ms
* Fourteen parameters measured
* DC resistance measurement
* Wide setting range for measurement voltage and current
* Simultaneous setting and measurement
* Interactive touch panel operation
* Memory for thirty sets of measurement conditions
* Four simultaneous measurement items
* Enlarged display function
* Correlation correction function
* Printer output
* DC bias measurement
* External I/O interface
  • 制造商: Hioki
  • 模型: 3532-50