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HIOKI 3560
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AC Milliohm HiTester


This contact resistance meter complete with comparator function and external interface utilizes the principles of the AC 4-terminal method that gives priority to line use and allows measurement offering high speed, high accuracy and high resolution. External output terminal, external control terminal and RS-232C interface are standard features. GP-IB interface and printer interface are optionally available. The instrument also features an m-Ohm and V mode that allows simultaneous measurement and comparison of battery internal resistance and open-circuit voltage. This HiTester is highly suitable for battery inspection lines as one unit can act as both a low-resistance meter and DMM.

Two settings are available for the resistance measurement mode: the upper limit and lower limit value settings. In the low-resistance and voltage measurement mode, the upper limit and lower limit value settings can be made separately for the two measurement items. When both are determined as IN, PASS is indicated, in other cases FAIL is indicated. In addition to the Hi/IN/Lo and PASS/FAIL indications, the results can also be signaled by a buzzer and output via an open-collector output. Up to 30 comparator configuration tables can be memorized, each storing settings for a measurement mode, measurement range, upper and lower limit values and a buzzer mode.


* Fast measurement and fast quality determination
* Low-power resistance measurement
* Battery measurement
* High-resolution measuring
* Sense check function for prevention of erroneous measurements
* Interface provided
* Comfortable operation
* Versatile array of lead
  • 制造商: Hioki
  • 模型: 3560