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HIOKI 9322
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3 kinds of measurement with a single probe
-Floating measurement of high-voltage waveforms (DC mode)
-Detection of power supply surge noise (AC mode)
-RMS rectified output (RMS mode)
-Main Applications
-Measurement of potential differences included in common mode voltages, such as IGBT
-Measurement of commercial power line waveforms, such as on 400V power lines
-Measurement of high voltage surge noise waveforms
-Measurement of the RMS value of inverter outputs, etc.

DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322 (up to 2kV DC, 1kV AC)
The DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322 cannot be used by itself. Please use it in combination with a HIOKI MEMORY HiCORDER.
The DIFFERENTIAL PROBE 9322 requires a power supply.

  • 制造商: Hioki
  • 模型: 9322