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Agilent 5361B-010
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Pulse/CW Microwave Counter, 40 GHz
The Agilent 5361B Pulse/CW Microwave Counter offers both high-precision pulse and CW performance up to 40 GHz. With built-in frequency modulation profiling, the 5361B characterizes radar, EW, and communications systems or components. The counter makes complex measurements for the carrier frequency of agile signals, staggered PRIs, or the frequency transients in a pulsed or CW signal. It can be used to characterize radar pulses or test a Stable Local Oscillator (STALO). Functions for measuring step response, post-tuning drift, and settling time facilitate accurate and easy testing of VCOs and DTOs.

The 5361B helps lower your equipment costs by eliminating the need for a separate CW counter, pulse generator and computer, and is a cost-effective choice for manufacturing and R&D. High-speed throughput saves operator time, and periodic maintenance is limited to time base calibration.

* Precise pulse measurements to 20, 26.5, or 40 GHz.
* PROFILE function characterizes frequency transients, modulation (such as chirp), and linearity.
* Simple-to-use automatic functions include calibration, pulse averaging, and measurement display.
* Scope-View provides confidence and easy setup for externally gated measurements.
* Fast track measures a signal sweeping up to 800 MHz per second.
* Low FM rate allows measurement of signals that vary slowly in frequency.
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 5361B-010