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The MS2711 handheld spectrum analyzer delivers synthesizer-based performance ensuring accurate, reliable, repeatable measurements - anywhere, everytime. A broad range of functions coupled with narrow resolution bandwidths to 10 kHz make it ideal for finding the source of interfering signals in modern wireless systems. The MS2711 features 90 dBm sensitivity, > 60 dB dynamic range, +1.5 dB amplitude accuracy and phase noise performance of < -74 dBc/Hz.

Designed for field environments, the new handheld spectrum analyzer easily survives rough handling and harsh environments. A NiMH battery pack and built-in energy conservation feature extend battery life beyond an eight-hour workday. The MS2711 can also be operated from a 12.5 Vdc source such as an AC-DC adapter or automotive cigarette lighter adapter, which also simultaneously charges the battery..

A full range of marker capabilities such as peak, center and delta functions are also provided, giving users a faster and more comprehensive measurement of displayed signals. Limit lines simplify amplitude measurements, giving users the capability to create quick, simple, pass/fail measurements. Used together with the Save setup feature, these functions can help to make testing easier and faster for less experienced users..

Users are able to store ten test setups along with 200 measurement traces internally in the unit's non-volatile memory. The stored data can be easily downloaded to a personal computer (PC) or a printer via an RS-232 serial cable for further analysis. A notebook computer can be used with the RS-232 interface for automated control and data collection in the field. Additionally, a modem can be used for remote operation.

Reporting software for PC use is Windows 95/98 compatible and supports long file names for descriptive data labeling. The software can display an unlimited number of data traces for comparison to historical performance. Data traces can be easily and quickly downloaded from the MS2711 to the PC database with a single menu selection..

A number of options are available that expand the MS2711's capabilities, including an internal tracking generator (option 20 - available TBA) and an internal RF Power Meter (option 5)..

Performance Characteristics of the MS2711
Form Factor Handheld
Minimum Frequency 100 kHz
>Maximum Frequency 3.0 GHz
Frequency Accuracy 0.002 %
Zero Span Yes
Minimum Span 5 kHz
Maximum Span 3.0 GHz
Minimum Sweep Time 0.5 s
Maximum Sweep Time 0.5 s
Minimum Resolution Bandwidth 10 kHz<
Maximum Resolution Bandwidth 1 MHz
Resolution Bandwidth Steps 1/3/10
Minimum Video Bandwidth 3 kHz
Maximum Video Bandwidth 300 kHz
Video Bandwidth Steps 1/3/10
Minimum Single-Side-Band Noise 74 dBc/Hz
Maximum Single-Side-Band Noise 74 dBc/Hz
Maximum Safe AC Input -193.01029995664 dBm
Minimum Displayed Average Noise 90 dBm
Maximum Displayed Average Noise 90 dBm
Maximum Dynamic Range 60 dB
Maximum Amplitude Uncertainty -7.7716E-03 %
Probe Power No
Noise Source Driver No
  • 制造商: Anritsu
  • 模型: MS2711