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Protek 6510
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See Instek product replacement.

Protek 6510 Dual Trace , 100 MHz Oscilloscope

  • Four traces may be simultaneaously displayed in ALT-sweep
  • Five vertical Modes Chl, Ch2, Dual, Add and Subtract
  • Vertical mode triggering for displaying 2 unrelated signals
  • Trigger hold-off circuit for synchronizing complex waveforms
  • 12 kv acceleration voltage
  • Sweep speeds to 2nS/Div.
  • Z axis input
  • TV Synchronization for either line or field patterns
  • 20 MHz bandwidth limit switch for triggering signals in a noisy environment
  • 6510 has delayed sweep
  • ALT-Mag Sweep, Displays simultaneously the normal and X10 magnified trace
  • Internal Sync separator Circuit for stable video triggering
  • Alternate trigger for displaying unrelated signals simultaneously
  • Bandwidths from 20MHz to 100MHz
  • Z axis Modulation and Channel 1 output
  • Bright 6" CRT with an internal graticule for viewing fast and low duty cycle waveforms
  • 制造商: Protek
  • 模型: 6510