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Agilent 3586A-004
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The 3586A Selective Level Meter meets North American (Bell) requirements and is fully programmable over the HP-IB. The unit provides a unique combination of features, including wideband power. Its wide frequency coverage allows measurements to be made at both voice channel and carrier frequencies. Microprocessor control adds many ease-of-use features such as amplitude offset measurements of tome and noise level in units of dBmO, dBrnCO, or dBpWO. Convenience features include simultaneous analog and digital level displays, precise frequency setting with HP's fractional N synthesized local oscillator, accurate frequency counter and tone measurements with automatic channel alignment for 1004Hz test tone or carrier frequency reference. Manufacturer's Options Option 001 = 75 Ohm Connector mates with WECO 358A and 124 ohm Connector mates with WECO 372A Option 003 = Impairment Functions: Impulse Noise, Phase Jitter, Noise/Tone, C-Message Weight and expanded bandwidth of 3100Hz Option 004 = High Stability Frequency Reference
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 3586A/004