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Agilent 3586C-908
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Designed for general purpose wave analysis applications in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of electronic systems. Microprocessor control and HP-developed fractional-N synthesis provides precise frequency setting and time saving ease-of-use features, and it is fully HP-IB programmable. Covers the frequency range from 50Hz to 32.5MHz, allowing measurement of low and high frequencies. Input impedances of 50, 75, or 600 ohms with 10 kohms bridging adds measurement flexibility for a wide variety of applications. Wideband power measurements can be made up to 32.5MHz and down to -45 dBm. Measure selectivity in LO distortion or LO noise modes or use USB or LSB for single sideband demodulation of carrier. Option 908 = Rack Flange Kit.
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 3586C-908