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Agilent 3781A-001
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The Agilent/HP 3781A is a Pattern Generator that generates patterns from DS1 to DS3 in 10 user selectable test patterns. An internal or external clock can be selected. Error generation capabilities are also included. The Agilent/HP 3781A Pattern Generator and HP 3782A Error Detector form a high performance error measuring system which complements the existing HP 3780A Pattern Generator/Error Detector. Designed to conform with CEPT and CCITT standards, the HP 3781A/3782A provide four bit rates (up to 50 Mb/s) of the digital hierarchy in one compact system. Applications of the system are in R&D, field trial and production testing, especially where an automatic and remote measurement capability via the HP-IB is required.
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 3781A-001