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Agilent 4951C-18179A
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The 4951C Protocol Analyzer is a portable unit used for troubleshooting during the installation, maintenance, and design of data communications networks and equipment. Interfaces: RS-232C/V.24, RS-449/422A/423A, MIL-188C, V.35 Data rate: 50 bps to 19 kbps Manufacturer's Options Option 101 = 18174A RS-449/422A/423A Interface Pod Option 102 = 18180A RS-232C/V.24 and RS-449/422A/423A Interface Pod Option 103 = 18179A RS-232C/V.24 Interface Pod with full breakout box Option 105 = 18177A V.35 Interface Pod Option 106 = 18160A RS-232C/V.24 and V.35 Interface Pod
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 4951C-18179A