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Model 7015-C Quad 1x10 Solid-State Mux Card w/ Mass-Terminated 96-Pin Connector (for Models 7001 and 7002)

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Quad 1x10 (40-channel) solid-state multiplexer
  • 30,000 hours MTBF
  • Scan/measure over 300 ch/s

The Model 7015 40-channel solid state multiplexer is designed for multipoint measurement applications that require high reliability and increased scanning speeds. With an MTBF of more than 30,000 hours, the 7015 can handle applications that require continuous use over longer periods of time. The solid state switch technology also provides fast switching times for scanning rates of over 300 channels/measurements per second when used with the 7002/2001 or 7001/2001 combination.

Related Applications:

Low-level and general purpose multipoint measurements
  • 制造商: Keithley
  • 模型: 7015-C