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Agilent 8111A
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Function/Pulse Generator, 1Hz-20MHz

The 8111A combines pulse generator and function generator capabilities in a single, compact unit. Triggered operation for all waveforms, and the ability to define rectangular waveforms in terms of pulse width or duty cycle, are examples of the HP 8111A's versatility.

Small size and manifold capability make the HP 8111A an ideal source for service and bench. Digital display, error detector, and good repeatability assure high operating confidence. This reduces the need for output monitoring and consequently saves equipment.

Operating modes include VCO which permits frequency-shift keying and dc-to-frequency conversion as well as sweep and FM applications. Option 001's Burst mode simplifies tone burst generation and digital preconditioning by generating a precise number of waveform cycles. An "extra cycle" feature activated after a burst allows critical events to be examined.

Option 001 = Counted Burst Option, 1 to 1999
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 8111A