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Agilent 8160A-020
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Programmable Pulse Generator

Product Specs:
The microprocessor based 8160A features a period range variable from 20 nS to 999 mS.
Delay range can be set from 0.0 nS to 999 mS.
Double pulse range is adjustable from 20.0 nS to 999 mS
Pulse width can be varied between 10.0 nS to 999 mS.
High and low output voltage ranges vary between -19.9 to 19.9 V depending on the source and load conditions

Other Info:
The HP 8160A is a top quality programmable MATE-Approved Stimuli pulse generator.

With a repetition rate of up to 50MHz and a 20 V output, the 8160A will meet all but the most demanding requirements.
The HP 8160A is fully operable from the front-panel or via the HP-IB interface bus and can store up to 9 setups.

  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 8160A-020