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BOONTON 8200/S10
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The 8200/S10 Modulation Analyzer is a versatile, precision, solid-state instrument with features and performance characteristics expecially suitable for laboratory and industrial applications. It is a hardware variant of the 8200 and covers a frequency range of 100kHz to 2.5GHz. With the 4220-S/10, Comstron 9000S, SG1207/U, and SG1219/U the 8200/S10 becomes a complete measuring receiver capable of operation to 18GHz carrier frequencies, and able to perform level measurements to -127 dBm. Automatic or manual tuning and leveling Separate displays of all major functions Separate 455kHz IF System Low Residual Modulation
  • 制造商: Boonton
  • 模型: 8200/S10