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Agilent 8620C
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The 8620C Sweep Oscillator Mainframe is a versatile mainframe which uses the popular 86200 Series plug-ins (sold separately) to provide capabilities required in a wide range of applications. With appropriate plug-ins, testing digital and analog microwave radio systems and components is easy and affordable. Up to four separate bands and their frequency scales can be selected with a band select lever. Modulation is possible utilizing the internal AM 1kHz or external FM, based on the RF unit. The 8620C supplies three markers and offers sweep functions of The 8620C features full Sweep, Marker Sweep, CW / Delta F, and CW; sweep modes include Auto, Line, and External. The 8620C also includes inputs for band selection, sweep function selection, and analog frequency control. Plug-ins sold separately. Sweep modes are Auto, Line & External Modulation is internal AM 1kHz & external FM based on RF unit Plug-ins sold separately.

011 = HP-IB Frequency Programming
007 = Rear Sweep Out
820 = 8410C Interface Cable
908 = Rack Flange Kit
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 8620C