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Agilent 8660C-001
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The 8660C Synthesized Signal Generator mainframe utilizes a wide range of available plug-ins to make up a complete Signal Generator System (plug-ins sold separately). Offers direct keyboard entry of CW frequencies. Increased performance capabilities over the 8660A including digital sweep, frequency stepping, control of frequency with a tuning knob, and a ten-digit numerical display. Auto, Single, or manual digital sweep with selectable speeds of 0.1, 1, or 50 seconds. Direct keyboard entry of CW output frequencies 10kHz to 2600MHz (plug-in dependent, sold separately) Synthesizer stability and accuracy 1Hz resolution (2Hz above 1300MHz) Calibrated output over >140 dB range AM, FM, FM, or Pulse Modulation Fully TTL programmable.

Options :
Option 001 = 3 x 10E-09/day internal reference oscillator
Option 002 = No internal reference oscillator
Option 003 = Operation from 50 to 400Hz line
Option 004 = 100Hz frequency resolution (200Hz above 1300MHz)
Option 005 = HP-IB programming interface (cables not supplied)
Option 100 = HP 11661B factory installed inside main frame
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 8660C-001