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Agilent E6000B-003-E6003B-E6007A
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The Agilent Mini-OTDR is the best selling product in Agilent's portfolio of Optical Network Test Solutions for the installation, maintenance and operation of fiber networks.

The Mini-OTDR is designed to provide its users with the fastest tool available for installing and commissioning multiple fiber links and locating faults for fiber maintenance. This is accomplished through high measurement performance and an award winning simple user interface.

  • Fiber Break Locator to quickly find breaks and bends.
  • Locate and characterize splice and connector losses.
  • Multifiber testing for fast high-count cable qualification.
  • Perform power and loss measurement with the built-in light source and the power meter module.
  • Graphical representation of measurement results in event tables, showing loss and reflection, and pass/fail results.
  • Visual Fault Finder to check patch cords for light leakage.
  • 1550 nm wavelength

Option Modules:
E6001A - 1310 nm Single-mode Module (30 dB)
E6002A - 1310 nm Single-mode Module (35 dB)
E6003A - 1310/1550 nm Single-mode Module (35/34dB)
E6003B - 1310/1550 nm Single-mode Module (40/38 dB)
E6004A - 1310/1550 nm Single-mode Module (30/30 dB)
E6005A - 850/1300 nm Multimode Module (High Performance) (26/34 dB)
E6006A - Optical Power Meter Sub-Module
E6007A - Visual Fault Finder Sub-Module
E6008B - 1310/1550 nm Ultra High Performance Single-mode Module (45/43 dB)
E6009A - 850/1300 nm Multimode Module (18/23 dB)
E6010A - 1625 nm Ultra High Performance Single-mode Module (40 dB)
E6012A - 1550/1625 nm Ultra High Performance Single-mode (43/40 dB)
E6090A - OTDR Toolkit Software
E6091A - OTDR Toolkit II Software
81000AI/FI/GI/HI/KI/SI/VI/WI - Connector Interfaces
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: E6000B-003-E6003B-E6007A