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The GB1400 is a general-purpose 1400 Mb/s bit error rate tester (BERT) built to meet the exacting standards of design engineers who need to verify and characterize high-speed serial data transmission circuits, interfaces and systems. While primarily a lab instrument, the GB1400s compact design, full computer programmability and relatively light weight also enable it to serve in manufacturing ATE and field test applications. The quality of a digital link depends on many factors, but everything comes down to the issue of whether the circuit exhibits a satisfactory BER (bit error rate) and has sufficient margin to function under stress conditions. The GB1400 has all of the features you expect in a general-purpose BERT, and some you expect only in more expensive instruments, such as automated eye-width measurements at a specified BER, and the ability to accept an external real-time data stream for bit error testing. Also, the GB1400 has options to add advanced features, such as Burst Mode (which also extends external clock range down to 150 kb/s), and a 1-Mbit programmable pattern memory option.

The GB1400 is focused on the research, design, and manufacturing of telecommunication components, modules, or links operating at data rates to 1400 Mb/s. It is frequently employed in testing and development well under this top speed rating, where sharp clock and data waveforms are especially desired, or where additional frequency range is thought to be needed in the future.


Test digital data transmission up to 1400 Mb/s
Set Data Rate with 1 kHz resolution
Vary Clock and Data timing with 5 ps resolution
Phase-Synchronous Clock and Data Edges Tracking
1-Mbit data pattern memory
Measure Eye-Width at Specific BERs Automatically
Auto-Synchronization Rx/Tx Lock-up
Front panel or computer control operation


Development of Gigabit LAN/Data Comm Devices
High-Speed Fibre Channel, Ethernet
Digital Video (MPEG, SDV, HDDV)
Wideband Satellite Data Links
SONET/SDH Network Devices up to OC-12e/STM4e
High-speed GaAs/ECL/E/O device testing
Test Clock Recovery Circuits
Parallel-to-Serial Analysis with Tektronix MB100
Testing of High Speed Fibre Channel links up to 1,063 Mb/s
Gigabit Ethernet at 1,250 Mb/s.
Testing of optical busses (Opto Bus, Opto Bahn) at 800 Mb/s per channel.
Satellite system testing and TDMA (Burst Mode) at 400, 800 Mb/s
GaAs, ECL and optical component testing

  • 8 1 Meg Word Ram
  • 2 75 Ohm Term Pr
  • 5 Burst Mode Both Sets
  • 7 Pos Exl Patt Generator
  • 9 Preprog Rom
    • 制造商: Tektronix
    • 模型: GB1400