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Huntron Tracker 2000
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The Huntron Tracker 2000 provides advanced troubleshooting capabilities to simplify testing newer technology components such as CMOS and MOS circuits. Its built-in pulse generator lets you thoroughly troubleshoot gate-fired devices such as SCRs, TRIACs and optocouplers. By energizing the gate, you can test a component in an active mode.

The Tracker 2000 can be used while the power to the circuitry being tested is turned off. This avoids accidental shorts that could cause further damage. It allows a user to analyze the overall health of a solid-state component, which makes it perfect for finding leakage or substrate damage that has brought a system or circuit board down prematurely. Because it can compare suspect components to known good equivalents, it s also ideal for troubleshooting when documentation is missing or incomplete.

  • Test components and boards without power
  • Ideal for catastrophic failures
  • Get a picture of a component's overall health - including intermittent problems
  • Test gate-fired devices with a built-in pulse generator
  • Non-destructive testing

  • The Tracker 2000s usefulness can be enhanced with the following accessories:
  • DSI 700 - Digital Storage Interface
  • Switcher 410 - Manual Switch Matrix
  • ShorTrack 90 - Short Detector

  • Download the full Huntron Tracker 2000 Operation Manual Here
    • 制造商: Huntron
    • 模型: Tracker 2000