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Instek SFG-2110
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SFG2110 10MHz DDS Function Generator with Ext. Counter, Sweep, AM/FM

Instek SFG2100 Series Direct Digital Synthesis Function Generators

 DDS Technology and FPGA Chip Design

 Frequency Ranges:

SFG-2104, 0.1Hz - 4 MHz
SFG-2107, 0.1Hz - 7 MHz
SFG-2110, 0.1Hz - 10 MHz.

 Sine, Square, Triangle Waves

 10 Vp-p, into 50Ω Load, 20 Vp-p Open Circuit

 10 Front Panel Setup Memories

 DC Offset, TTL & CMOS Aux. Outputs

 Frequency Accuracy & Stability: 20ppm

 Frequency Resolution :100 mHz

 LIN / LOG Sweep Mode

 INT / EXT AM / FM Modulation

 6 Digit, 150 MHz , INT / EXT High Res. Counter

  • 制造商: Instek
  • 模型: SFG-2110