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Agilent 200CD
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The 200CD Sine Wave Oscillator provides higher output power than most solid state oscillators and offers good frequency coverage and stability. You save hundreds or thousands of dollars by buying the 200CD instead of a typical new competitive unit. With 20 V open circuit, and 10 V balanced output into 600 ohms impedance, the 200CD has the power to drive most circuit applications without the need for an additional amplifier. The frequency adjusting dial, with 0.5% increments and 2% calibration accuracy, eliminates the need for a frequency counter. A dial vernier allows precise adjustment of the needed frequency, from 5 Hz to 600 kHz. Frequency range: 5 Hz to 600 kHz (5 bands) Dial accuracy: ?2% Flatness (1 kHz, ref.): ?1 dB Output voltage: (600 ohm load) 10 V RMS (> 160 mW; (open circuit) 20 V RMSOutput impedance: 600 ohms Attenuator: Continuously variable Distortion: (5Hz to 20Hz) <0.5%; (20Hz to 200kHz) <0.2%; (200kHz to 600kHz) <0.5% Hum and noise voltage: <0.1% of rated output Balance: <0.1% at lower frequencies approximately 1% at higher frequencies
  • 制造商: Agilent
  • 模型: 200CD