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Anritsu 56100A
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1 MHz to 110 GHz

Also manufactured as Wiltron 56100A. The Anritsu 56100A Scalar Network Analyzer measures insertion loss, insertion gain, or RF power with 76 dB dynamic range. Measure device match as return loss in dB or as SWR. Separate detectors can be used on all four inputs for multiple transmission measurements on duplexers or matched amplifiers. Transmission and reflection measurements can be viewed simultaneously. Both traces can be scaled independently in dB, dBm, or SWR. Measurement of the ratio of two detector inputs may be applied to either channel for enhancing accuracy or for viewing differences. Built-in calibration allows subtraction of the unwanted transmission frequency response or the average of open/short reflections from either trace. A Volt Mode is available for displaying voltage (with volt mode adapter cable). A 0 to 10 volt sweep ramp output mode is also available.

  • Full compatibility with Anritsu sources
  • 1 MHz to 110 GHz
  • Four input channels
  • Extensive cursor, markers, and limit lines
  • Applications functions for improved productivity
  • 制造商: Anritsu
  • 模型: 56100A