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Fluke Networks OPVS3-GIG-S
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Fluke Networks OPVS3-GIG/S Optiview Series III Gigabit with Options

The Fluke Optiview-series III Integrated Network Analyzer Complete network vision in seconds . It provides all the network tools you need to see all seven layers of the network. It combines protocol analysis, active discovery, SNMP device analysis, and RMON2 traffic analysis into a mobile solution. It allows you to see key enterprise data from multiple advanced network tests into an information-rich, easy-to-understand front page. Web enabled remote analysis allows up to seven users to access a single unit simultaneously and generate HTML reports. Wireless, VoIP, and Expert Analysis options are available.
  • 制造商: Fluke Networks
  • 模型: OPVS3-GIG/S