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Anritsu MG3671A-MG0301C-MG0303B
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Digital Modulation Signal Generator

The MG3670B/C, MG3671A/B and MG3672A are digital modulation signal generators equipped with a high-performance quadrature modulator. They output the signals needed to develop, test, and evaluate digital mobile communications equipment and related devices with expansion units.

The MG3670B/C operates from 300 kHz to 2.25 MHz; the MG3671A/B and MG3672A operate 300 to 2.75 MHz. Both provide a stable and precise output as well as spectrum purity up to +13 dBm, even with modulation. In addition to testing receiver sensitivity and excess input, they can be used for testing IF stage performance and for evaluating device quality. A CMOS-level mode is provided for I/Q signal input. The input frequency band covers the CDMA spread spectrum band, expanding the range of applications.

Features & Benefits
  • Compatible with communication system measurement signals Japan, North America and Europe
  • High modulation accuracy (1.8% rms vector error)
  • Outputs modulation signals suited to each communication system
  • Internal pattern generator with data-editing and scrambling functions
  • Outputs IS-95 channel multiplex signal
  • Wide range (30 MHz, 3 dB) I/Q Input (only for MG3672A)
  • 制造商: Anritsu
  • 模型: MG3671A-MG0301C-MG0303B