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Anritsu MN3650C-01
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The MN3650A Digital Modulators provide Pi/4 DQPSK and GMSK modulated signals in the 800 to 2700 Mhz frequency range. Can use either external data signals or I, Q signals to perform modulation. Accepts burst signal. Furthermore, by using the additional Option 01 Burst Function, these units can be used with addition TDMA system. The rise/fall time of burst signal waveform are moderate, that are equal to two symbols, adjacent channel leakage power measurement can be done as a continuous wave. These models are ideal for developing systems such as the GSM, NADC, PCN, PDC and PHS.


* Provides Pi/4 DQPSK and GMSK modulated signals
* 800 to 2700 MHz frequency range
* Low phase-noise may be used as an RF signal source to output high-accuracy, phase-modulated signals with a phase error of 2 rms max.
* (GMSK modulation) or a vector error of 1.5% rms max. (Pi/4 DQPSK modulation)
* Can be used with additional TDMA systems
* Rise/fall time of burst signal waveforms are moderate, and equal to two symbols
* Adjacent channel leakage power measurements can be done as a continuous wave

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  • 制造商: Anritsu
  • 模型: MN3650C-01