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Get serious about your generator applications and put the power and versatility of the TF1066B/6 Signal Generator to work for you! Delivers CW, FM, and AM outputs suitable for applications from FM receivers to telemetry equipment requiring a signal source which provides high modulating frequencies and wide deviations with low distortion. A frequency coverage of 10MHz to 470MHz is available in 5 ranges. The clear hand-calibrated tuning scale permits precise frequency setting but, for greater accuracy, a crystal calibrator is incorporated with marked pips available at 1MHz intervals. Calibrated frequency shifts may be made in either preset steps or with the continuously variable control, in each case the amount of shift is indicated by a meter. FM deviations up to 400 kHz can be obtained, internal or external modulation may be selected. RF output variable from 1.2 ?V to 100 mV with ?2 dB accuracy. Many other features!
  • 制造商: Marconi
  • 模型: TF1066B/6