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Anritsu MT8852B
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The Anritsu MT8852B can establish a link with the module under test and perform a comprehensive set of transceiver measurements in under 10 seconds. If the module address is unknown, MT8852B can read it through the module HCI (RS 232 or USB), or perform an Inquiry. An integrated CW frequency counter can be used for crystal trimming. Module testing requires a test fixture, ideally in a shielded box, to interface the Bluetooth module to the MT8852B. The test fixture should provide a direct RF connection plus, if required, connection to the modules HCI interface.

The MT8852B is a highly targeted instrument that has been designed to offer Bluetooth test capability in a compact, economical and easy to operate package. The pre-programmed test scripts provide a fast solution that can quickly be integrated into existing production facilities. By using the BlueTest2 production test software, the MT8852B can be quickly integrated in to the production flow with automatic archiving of all test results to a database.

The MT8852B Bluetooth Test Set adds Bluetooth 2.0 Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) measurements to Anritsu's market leading range of Bluetooth test instruments. MT8852B is the only integrated test set Qualified by the Bluetooth SIG for RF measurements.

  • All measurements performed in Test Mode including RF loopback
  • Single script runs standard rate and EDR tests
  • Qualified by Bluetooth SIG for measurements
  • Signal generator and transmitter analyzer modes for protocol free applications.
  • Audio test capability, 3 SCO channels with CVSD, -Law and A-Law air interface.
  • GPIB and RS-232 remote programming interfaces.
  • Easy operation one-touch testing with RUN key.

  • Options at additional cost:
  • MT8852B-01 = Rack mount kit, single unit
  • MT8852B-03 = Rack mount kit, side by side
  • MT8852B-14 = Headset and Hands-free profile emulator software
  • MT8852B-15 = Adaptive frequency hopping option
  • MT8852B-17 = IQ data output
  • MT8852B-19 = Audio
  • MT8852B-25 = EDR
  • MT8852B-27 = Bluetooth low energy measurements
  • MT8852B-40 = Bluetooth Test Set with no EDR and no Audio
  • MT8852B-41 = Bluetooth Test Set with no EDR and with Audio
  • MT8852B-42 = Bluetooth Test Set with EDR and no Audio
  • MT8852B-43 = Bluetooth low energy measurements only
  • MX885201B = BlueSuite Pro3 software application
    • 制造商: Anritsu
    • 模型: MT8852B