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Tekelec Chameleon 32 Protocol Analyzer/Simulator

Mass Storage:
One double density, double sided 720 Kbyte, 3.5 inch MS-DOS format floppy drive; one shock mounted 40 Mbyte hard drive

Support Interfaces:
Centronics parallel printer port, RS232 remote control port, RS232 serial printer port, programmable RS232 auxiliary port, RS232 auxiliary port for system debugging, RGB output port for external color monitor.

Test Interfaces:

* Standard: V.24 (RS232)
* Optional: ISDN BRI (with A-law or Micro-law codes), ISDN PRI (ANSI or CEPT), U (2B1Q), X.21, DSCS, G.703, V.35, V.36 (RS449, 422), Digital Test Access (DTA)

Protocol Analyzer and Simulator

* Sophisticated network monitoring features
* Advanced simulation capabilities
* Easy-to-use, user-friendly interface
* Extensive remote capabilities and support interfaces
* Versatile dual port option

X.25, X.75, QLLC, PHS, SNA, Async, Bisync, ISDN (many U.S. and international varieties), SS7, OSI (X.400, CMISE/CMIP, FTAM), DPNSS, DASS 2, DMI, V.120, DDCMP, 2B1QU-Interface, Frame Relay, ASAI, SCAI, G4FAX, TCP/IP

Monitoring Features:

* Analysis: Real-time, split display and scrollable history buffer showing decode of data
* Dual Line: Displays DCE and DTE data in byte-relative order
* Direct-to-Disk: Allows capture and replay of up to 30 Mbytes of test data
* Statistics: Layer one, two and three statistics for X.25, SNA, ISDN, SS7 and Bisync; 2B1Q and PRI line state statistics
* Triggering: Capture data based on timers, counters, or data patterns detected on the line

Simulation Features:

* BASIC-like Simulation Languages (Optional)
* Simulation packages (Optional): NT/TE Simulator, X.25 Load Generator, ISDN CPE Testbed, ISDN Switch Simulator, and others available individually
* Bit Error Rate Testing (Standard): User-defined or standard data patterns (CCITT Blue Book 1988)

Data Capture Parameters:

* Line Speeds: 1.544 Mbps with ANSI Primary Interface (PRI), 2.048 Mbps with CEPT PRI, 192 Kbps with Basic Rate Interface (BRI), 160 Kbps with U-Interface, 256 Kbps with V-type, 64 Kbps with X.21 and G.703, 56 Kbps with DSCS
* RAM Capture Buffer: 500 Kbyte per port
* Direct-to-Disk Storage Capacity: 30 Mbyte

  • 制造商: Tekelec
  • 模型: CHAMELEON 32