Video Generators : Rohde Schwarz EFA53 (8VSB,J.83/B)


Rohde Schwarz EFA53 (8VSB,J.83-B)
放大图片Rohde Schwarz EFA53 (8VSB,J.83-B)

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TV Test Receiver

Rohde & Schwarz offers with the R&S EFA family a wide range of RF receivers and demodulators for analog and digital TV signals. The TV Test Receiver family R&S EFA is a versatile and high-performance platform, which can be optimally configured for any application. The main application areas are:

  • Production and development of modulators and transmitters
  • Installation of transmitters
  • Acceptance tests for cable headends
  • Coverage measurements
  • Research and development
  • Reference receiver
    • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
    • 模型: EFA53 (8VSB,J.83/B)