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Rohde Schwarz SFQ (8VSB)
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The R&S SFQ TV Test Transmitter offers a solution for testing digital TV links and receivers (set top boxes). An open end software system and modular hardware configuration make the SFW future proof. The ETSI standars for DVB-T, DVB-S, DVB-DSNG and DVB-C as well as ATSC/8VSB and ITU-T/J.83B (US cable) standard for DTV are full complied with.

In addition to digital signal processing, the Rohde & Schwarz SFQ also processes analog frequency modulated satellite signals in line with PAL, SECAM and NTSC standards. The sound signals are transmitted using analog FM and digital ADR sound subcarriers.

Features and specificaitons of the R&S SFQ include:

Wide output frequency range from 0.3 MHz - 3.3 GHz
Large output level range for transmission, receiver and module measurements
Standard DVB, ATSC, ITU-T/J.83B signals and FM satellite signals
Several standards in one unit
Satellite FM
* FM and ADR sound subcarrier
Antenna DVB-T
* 2K and 8K COFDM
* 6/7/8 MHz bandwidth
* Hierarchical Coding
Antenna ATSC
* 8VSB
Cable DVB-C
* Selectable QAM: 16, 32, 64, 128, 256QAM
Satellite DVB-S, DVB-DSNG, Turbo Coder
* QPSK, QPSK Turbo
* 8PSK, 8PSK Turbo
* 16QAM
Internal Noise Generator for high precision C/N Settings
Internal bit error measurement for all digital modulation modes
Internal fading simulator
* 6 or 12 paths
* Predefined profiles
* User definable profiles
Flexible input interfaces
Output and input for external I/Q Signals

SFQ-B2 = Broadband FM Modulator for baseband (PAL, SECAM, NTSC) and FM sound (2 subcarriers) 2072.6108.02
SFQ-B3 = 2 FM Sound Subcarriers 5 MHz to 9 MHz with 2 audio generators and 2 external audio inputs 2072.7379.02
SFQ-B4 = 2 ADR Sound Subcarriers 0.1 MHz to 9 MHz with 2 MUSICAM generators and 1 external data input 2072.7479.02
SFQ-B5 = Noise Generator (with internal C/N calibration) 2072.7579.03
SFQ-B6 = Input Interface (ASI/SPI input and selectable symbol rate, SMPTE310 input), can be retrofitted 2072.7679.03
SFQ-B8 = ATSC/8VSB (FW, option SFQ-B13 required) 2072.6120.02
SFQ-B9 = ITU-T J.83-B (FW, options SFQ-B12 and -B6 required) 2072.6143.02
SFQ-B10 = DVB-T Coder, 2K/8K COFDM Modulator, 6 MHz/7 MHz/8 MHz bandwidth (for SFQ delivered before1999 see CSFQ-B18) 2072.6166.02
SFQ-B11 = Fading Simulator, paths 1 to 6 (for SFQ delivered before 1999 see SFQ-B18) 2072.6189.02
SFQ-B12 = ATSC/8VSB Coder (HW + FW) 2072.6220.02
SFQ-B13 = ITU-T J.83-B Coder (HW + FW, option SFQ-B6 required) 2072.6243.02
SFQ-B14 = I/Q Output/Input 2072.6266.02
SFQ-B16 = DVB-T/Hierarchical Coding 2072.5782.02
SFQ-B17 = BER Measurement 2072.7056.02
SFQ-B18 = Power Supply for SFQ model
SFQ-B21 = DVB-C Coder (HW + FW) 2081.8912.02
SFQ-B22 = DVB-C (only FW, option SFQ-B23 required) 2072.5824.02
SFQ-B23 = DVB-S/-DSNG Coder (HW + FW) 2072.5830.02
SFQ-B24 = DVB-S/-DSNG (only FW, option SFQ-B21 required) 2072.5847.02
SFQ-B26 = ISDB-T Coder 2110.0213.02
SFQ-B27 = Impulsive Noise (HW + FW, option SFQ-B5 model .04 required)2110.0407.02
  • 制造商: Rohde Schwarz
  • 模型: SFQ (8VSB)