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Anritsu MT8850A
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The MT8850A Bluetooth Test Set has been specifically designed for rapid testing of Bluetooth wireless technology enabled links. It is ideal for both design proving and production test. MT8850A quickly establishes a link with the Bluetooth wireless technology Equipment Under Test (EUT), using standard signalling as defined in the Bluetooth 1.1 core specification.

Transmitter and receiver parameters are measured exactly according to the requirements of the Bluetooth RF Test Specification. A comprehensive test of all the On channel measurements can be initiated with a single key press, giving a fast display of the overall performance of the EUT. Any individual parameter can be displayed in greater detail with a display of measured value, pass/fail status and measurement settings.


  • Tests Bluetooth wireless technology enabled modules and products in under 5 seconds
  • Measurements performed as defined in Bluetooth RF Test specification
  • Internal reference Bluetooth radiomeets test specification Dirty Transmitter and frequency accuracy requirements
  • Easy operation: One touch testing with RUN key
  • Pre-programmed or user-defined test scripts
  • 制造商: Anritsu
  • 模型: MT8850A