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Tektronix RSA3308A
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Tektronix RSA3308A Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
* DC to 8 GHz
* Seamless Capture of Time-varying, Transient or Periodic RF Signals
* Up to 65.536 Ms (256MB) of Internal Memory Provides for Complete Analysis of Signals Over Time Without Making Multiple Measurements
* Time-correlated, Simultaneous Views of Time, Frequency, and Modulation Domains Provide Greater and Unique Understanding of Signal Behavior
* Spectrogram Provides a Revealing Picture of RF Signal Frequency and Amplitude Behavior Over Time
* Frequency Mask Trigger Makes it Easy to Capture Fast, Transient, or Intermittent Signals
* Spectrum Analyzer Mode for Very Wide Span Analyses
* Built-in Demodulators Enhance Analysis of AM, ASK, FM, FSK, and PM Signals
* Digital Demodulator Offers Affordable Vector Signal Analysis
* Outstanding Dynamic Range and Low Phase Noise

  • 1R Rackmount
  • 1A External preamp, 20 dB gain to 3 GHz.
  • 02 256 MB Data Memory with Frequency Mask Trigger and Power (Span BW) Trigger
  • 03 Differential IQ Inputs
  • 21 General Purpose Digital Modulation Analysis
    • 制造商: Tektronix
    • 模型: RSA3308A